Streamline your sales process - Simple CRM for small businesses

Accelerate your sales process with a simple and flexible task-based CRM. Organize your pipelines, send emails, take notes, store documents, and more!

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Control your pipeline

Have an instant view of the stage of any deal, who is handling it, or what it could potentially earn your company.

As a sales rep, you always know what to do. As a sales manager, you always know what's happening.

Simple CRM pipeline

Communicate like a boss

Easily manageable CRM workflow
Easily accessible contact data
Templates for efficient customer interaction

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Rooftop - Automated Routing

Never leave a prospect behind

Set up automated rules so that the right message goes to the right person.

Never lose a deal because of a mix-up again.

Out of the office? Have your emails transferred to a teammate. Are you specialized in a certain type of products? Set up a trigger for when certain keywords appear in emails.

Save time and keep your prospects happy.

Measure everything

If you can't measure performance, you can't improve.

Thanks to Rooftop's analytics tools, you can customize your reports and keep track of what matters to you.

Rooftop - CRM Analytics

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