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Rooftop Got a Facelift - 8 Things You Need to Know About Rooftop 2.0

By early 2024, Rooftop is getting a facelift. Rooftop 2.0 is a faster and more efficient way to organize your shared inbox.

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September 21, 2023
Rooftop Got a Facelift - 8 Things You Need to Know About Rooftop 2.0

In 2024, Rooftop will be 5 years old, which means it has outgrown its baby clothes, and it is time for a whole fresh new look.

A little metaphor to show that we only want to strengthen our growth ambitions and serve you even more with a faster and more efficient tool.

In response to the ever-growing number of Rooftop users, we've recognized the importance of optimizing our technical infrastructure to ensure a seamless experience for all our customers. By taking our back-end in hand, we took the opportunity to also significantly enhance its usability. And of course, Rooftop 2.0 wouldn't be a true 2.0 version if it didn't have a new branding. 

Here are the key takeaways to remember from this facelift.

Warning: Under no other circumstances, give a 5-year-old a facelift.

Improved ease of use and design

Seasoned users are immediately going to notice that not only the colors and logo have changed in the app. But also that some things have changed location or look differently.

Don't panic, these changes are not radical and only ensure that your actions in Rooftop follow each other more logically and require less clicks or scrolling.

In addition, we'll be happy to explain to you later how this new version works and how to get the full potential out of it.

New UI Rooftop
Here's a little example of what it will look like

An overall performance boost

The technology behind Rooftop underwent a major revamp, making us ready to handle upcoming growth spurts.

"This means that a lot of changes have happened behind the scenes." explains Cédric Huysentruyt, CTO of Rooftop. "You won't notice these changes visually right away, but you will notice a huge difference in speed in your day-to-day use."

Faster and better email search results

One of the most notable features of the performance boost is the remarkable improvement in the speed of the software. We have refined our system to ensure faster response times, especially when it comes to searching emails.

The way you can perform these searches is also more sophisticated than before. Whether you're searching through a mountain of conversations or looking for that one important email or file, our updated search feature guarantees faster and more accurate results.

Advanced searches in Rooftop

User management and category access

We've also revamped the way categories and category values are handled. In Rooftop V1, all categories and values were accessible to everyone. Now, you have the power to create categories restricted to specific users, enabling more advanced use cases.

This update provides granular control over who can access certain categories. It's a game-changer for managing diverse workflows and ensuring that sensitive information is only available to those who need it.

Stopping User Transition: In Rooftop V1, disabling a user didn't prevent new mails from being assigned to them. With the latest update, assigning mails to a disabled user is a thing of the past. The introduction of backup responsible users ensures a smooth transition, with ongoing conversations seamlessly taken over.

Enhanced confidentiality management

Enhanced Confidentiality Management

Confidentiality is a top priority, especially with the increasing number of users connecting personal mailboxes to Rooftop. We've taken significant steps to address this concern and reinforce confidentiality management.

In the previous version, conversations were either public or private for an individual user. Recognizing the need for flexibility, Rooftop 2.0 introduces a nuanced approach – conversations can now be restricted accessible to several users or user groups. It's the perfect blend of public and private, allowing for tailored communication.

Introducing user groups

One of the most requested features is now a reality – say hello to User Groups!

We understand the importance of organized collaboration, and User Groups make it easier than ever. Whether you're coordinating with specific teams or managing projects, User Groups streamline communication and security.

Thanks to user-groups, you can mark conversations as confidential or restricted to share them with several users in just 1 click. 

Unleashing dynamic workflow configurations

One of the standout features of this update is the ability to configure workflows more dynamically, all within the familiar Rooftop interface. No more navigating through complex settings – now you can tailor your workflows with ease, putting you in control of your collaboration processes.

The power to customize workflows has been amplified, allowing users to set more specific custom rules. From keywords to parameters, the options are diverse, enabling you to create rules that align precisely with your team's needs.

Say goodbye to generic workflows. Rooftop V2 introduces a suite of new conditions and actions, giving you unprecedented flexibility in crafting rules that match your unique requirements.

Whether it's based on keywords or a set of parameters, you now have the tools to create rules that reflect the intricacies of your workflows. Close conversations, trigger notifications, or initiate specific actions – the choice is yours.

"The dynamic configuration process is designed with simplicity in mind. No technical expertise required – just navigate to the Rooftop interface, and effortlessly fine-tune your workflows to suit your evolving needs." says Marion Descamps, UX-Design Team Leader. 

Although this is already technically possible, this interface will be available shortly after the release of Rooftop 2.0.

Easily create more advanced workflows

Other changes worth highlighting

  • Mailbox connection: You can now connect multiple mailboxes at once directly from the interface without any additional technical configuration.
  • Advanced categorization: The maximum number of categories is no longer limited to 8. What's more, categories can now have multiple values, meaning you can organize your inbox even more precisely at user level.
  • Choose your own colors: As From Rooftop 2.0, you're no longer tied to a particular set of colors for the different categories. From now on, you can choose your own colors to clearly organize your inbox, for example in the style of your brand.
  • Automatic messages: It will be possible to personalize automated messages even more from this version onward. Note that this is not a ticketing feature, but an extra layer to quickly provide your customers with the right information. Whether it's acknowledging receipt, providing key information or directing requests to the right channels/contacts.