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For logistics

Flooded inboxes are slowing down your logistic team, Just-in-time to change that.

Stop wasting time looking for emails and easily manage high volume on multiple accounts like @orders or @shipments. Rooftop is a collaborative email management tool that routes every message to the right person at the right time. 

Logistics people working with Rooftop
People in transport working with Rooftop
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email & task management for logistics

Generate more revenue from email with an organized back-end

Assign email icon
Delegate mailboxes
& distribution lists
Automate tedious tasks
Automate the
tedious tasks
Keep focused icon
360° view for
your whole team
Customer data icon
One place for
customer data & files
Email categorization icon
Clear Categories
and ownership
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Procedures and templates
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Insights and
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Snoozing and scheduling
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Privacy and access boundaries
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Clear trail and ownership on every conversation

Give your teams a shared view and full visibility on team inboxes, and bring accountability into the loop. With clear assignment and automated routing, your team know exactly who's working on what and what to work on next. 

About us

The story behind how our company started

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Don't be a box mover, but a reliable partner.

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Team work

Get internal messages out of the loop. Your customer sees only the finished, clear response. That you and your teams created in the back-end. No more forwarding or duplication of work.

Logistics conversation with all side information
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Better delivery

With every previous interaction and linked documents at your fingertips, the entire team has the full context of each customer to deliver an unseen customer experience. 

Conversation about deliveries with previous interactions
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Remove manual work with fully customizable automations. Route, escalate, and organize messages automatically. Or build canned responses to answer even faster. 

Automating logistics shared inbox with Rooftop
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You are in control

Don't waste any more time looking up emails. Thanks to our categorization and ownership, you easily track the status of each shipment, transport or even claims and payments. 

Organizing logistics tasks with Rooftop
Logistics team collaborating in shared inbox
Our values

The values behind our company



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Property managers stats on workload based on email traffic
Power of data

Become more efficient thanks to data from your inbox

Your inbox is full of ready to use data, so take advantage.

Keep statistics on response time, resolution time and the type of incoming request. See workflow patterns and manage workload for ideal productivity of your team.

Need more stats? We got you!


Our customers like it and yours will too

Preston P.
Service Department Manager
“A game changer for us”

We have been able to bring our KPI of open topics from 30% down below 15% in less than one year.

Louis S.
Field Service Technician
“Highly recommended”

Clarity, the fact that any user can have access to all the email, and especially the attachments.

Sean Y.
Field Service Engineer
“Very useful”

The product is easy to use and the most important, my colleagues and I are able to look at the same topic while we are having discussions.

James C.
Sales and Marketing Manager
Collaboration email in an organized way”

Helped our team to develop an entire project, all in a home office.

Linda E.
Service Coordinator
“My day-to-day life has changed”

My work has become much more efficient. The interface is user-friendly and easy to use.

Simon D.
Property Manager
“It evolved with our needs”

We were one of the first users Already then, the tool had great potential and evolved with our needs.

Chris H.
Support Specialist
Every step of the journey

Ability to track interactions with clients and quickly revert to previous discussions or promises.

Michael D.
Retail manager
“No more cc or bcc”

I like how I can see all my inboxes in one account and chat swiftly with colleagues about ongoing tasks. 

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our team

The amazing team behind Mansk

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Michael A.
Founder & CEO
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Jhon K.
Head of Business
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Anne H.
VP of Marketing

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