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Frequently asked questions

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How is Rooftop different from an Outlook or Gmail shared inbox?

Some email providers offer the possibility to set up a shared inbox. What they don't offer is the possibility to create subcategories to sort your messages, to notify coworkers without clogging their inbox, or to create custom status labels. They also don't offer the possibility to add internal comments or easily merge and split conversations. Sometimes they don't even support conversations at all! And if they do all this, they are hard to code, manage and track. Rooftop tackles all these pains and much more to create a revolutionary way of managing emails. 

Will Rooftop work with my current email address?

Absolutely! Almost all providers can be integrated: O365, Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. You can even contact us for more exotic providers to see what we can do for you. Though, we do recommend using a professional email address to use Rooftop.

Can I still keep my personal emails private?

Of course! You can change the public/private status of any email in your mailbox at any time. That way, you can choose which tasks and conversations you want to share with your team and what you'd rather keep private.

Email and task management in the same tool? Isn't that a bit much?

In Rooftop, conversations and tasks are one and the same. The huge advantage is that every email linked to a task can be stored in one single place. And once a task has been fully dealt with, it can be closed, and all the emails attached to it will be safely archived, so they don't clog your mailbox. In our view, a team inbox on steroids could only look like a task management tool. Try it, it's great!

My company handles sensitive data, how safe will it be?

Very safe! Rooftop is part of EASI, an IT security and cloud computing company. This means that your data will be stored on our own servers hosted in Europe, with multiple backups, and the highest level of security.