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Project management tools usually don't allow for external collaboration. We fixed that.

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Sort your projects and know where you stand

Project management starts with organized lists of tasks.

Keep an eye on who's working on what and at what stage it is.

Categories are entirely customizable and adaptable to your requirements, so feel free to own the place and build the workspace you need.

Organization by project
Project Management Tool - Collaboration Flow

Communicate internally as well as externally

Communicate with your teammates as well as with external partners, customers, stakeholders etc. in the same conversation thread.

That's right, no more switching from your project management tool to your mailbox, copying information, and having a bunch of CCs and BCCs.

Start a conversation in the right project, and keep it there from start to end.

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Manage your documents

Documents are the beating heart of a lot of projects.

That's okay because we're ready to handle them, keep them safe, and make sure you access what you need when you need it.

Organize documents
Partner contact data

Know your partners

Whether you're interacting with a supplier, a customer, or a job candidate, you're interacting with a human being. With that perspective, the more you know, the better.

Having an instant overview of your partner's information makes it easy for managers to keep track of who's who and it tremendously facilitates bringing new teammates up to speed.

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