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Rooftop Shared Inboxes Layout - Front Alternative
We've been able to bring our KPI of open tickets down by 50% in less than one year after launching Rooftop. My team loves the ease of use and they keep asking 'How did we work before?'
- Preston Pelfrey, After Sales Service Manager at PharmaTechnology
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Discover Rooftop

All your mailboxes
in one place

Enter a new age of email and gather all your mailboxes in one place. No more switching back and forth.

Email was conceived for simple one-on-one communication, not for the handling of multiple inboxes that involve complex interactions.

We fixed that, and made sure to include easy setup and implementation.

Rooftop Shared Inboxes
Rooftop Assign Conversation Feature

Respond, comment, assign.
No more CCs or BCCs

The hassle of CCing or BCCing people into a thread of emails is over. Notify or assign a coworker simply by clicking on their name when sending your message.

Want to keep several people in the loop for a specific client or project? Easy, just set them as a default recipient for that specific client or project.

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Collaborate efficiently

Communicate with your team as well as with external partners, customers, stakeholders etc. in the same conversation thread.

That's right, no more switching from your project management tool to your mailbox, copying information.

Start a conversation in the right project, and keep it there from start to end.
Rooftop Collaboration Feature
Automated Email Routing

Assign emails automatically

Build workflows, assign tasks/emails and messages to the right people by creating rules.

You don't need any coding skills, we take care of that for you. Get every conversation where it needs to be based on your criteria; keyword, contact person, project name, client...

There is no time for tedious manual tasks.

It doesn't stop here...

Rooftop is a full-on collaboration platform that allows you to handle internal as well as external communicaiton.

Document Sharing

Keep all the files linked to a project or to a conversation in one place and access them with a couple of clicks. No more wasting time looking for files.
Contact Sheet

Contact Management

Each email or conversation is linked to a contact with their very own information sheet. No more switching tools to know everything about a contact.


Be at all times aware of who's working on what, know which of your contacts are generating the most mail and make informed decisions through in-depth KPIs and reporting.
Email Template

Email Templates

Life is too short to write the same emails over and over. If you already have standard responses, just drop them into our templates tool and save time.

Task Management

Manage your to-do lists and build custom pipelines for each project, from a simple task to a whole sales process, complete with next action dates.

Team Organization

Make sure your team stays organized by assigning specific roles and responsibilities to your teammates so that nothing slips through.

...and more!

How Front compares with Rooftop

Front is a great shared inbox tool but Rooftop allows you to manage tasks and handle customer support in ways no other platform can provide.

Organizing your support team's work and keeping your customers happy has never been so easy!
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Custom rules
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File upload
Task Management
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Rooftop offers a clear interface that allows us to easily assign and complete tasks
as well as process attachments. This allows us to provide high quality support.
Louis Stas, Service Technician

Why Rooftop?

360° Collaborative Communication

Centralize communication

Powerful shared inbox
Emails and phone logs all in one place
Previous interactions log
Birds eye view
Full information transparency

Improve performance

Track response KPIs
Easy dispatch
Streamlined collaboration
Follow-up scheduling
Intelligent search
Custom fields for smart sorting

Manage your Projects

Create and assign tasks
Build pipelines and workflows
Involve external partners
Custom task statuses
Sales automation integration
Email marketing integration

Word Class Support

We can speak to you in your language.
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