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Real transparency
Real Privacy

Collaboration should make things faster, not slower.

Keep up with relevant emails that might be trapped in a teammate's inbox without losing the privacy of a personal inbox.

Stay in the loop with all the messages and relevant documents.

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Collaboration that makes sense

CC and BCC were invented to keep people in the loop in a thread of emails, whether they needed to read one of them or all of them.

But what that's actually doing is slowing down your team and drowning it in an overload of emails.

By @mentioning your colleagues you can collaborate in real time without polluting their inbox.

Collaboration without ticketing

Keep your communication personalized as you grow. More customers means more email interactions.

Keep those interactions spot on with a tool that allows you to focus on the conversation instead of having to worry about logistics.

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The essential tools for clear communication

Make sure everyone involved gets the right amount of context in the blink of an eye. Use tags to make sure everyone knows what everything is about.

This is ideal for ongoing work as well as keeping managers informed or bringing newcomers up to speed.

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One tool to collaborate with everybody

One platform, multiple partners
Whether you need to communicate with your team, your customers, your partners, or your suppliers, you can handle everything in Rooftop.
Don't waste time looking for information
Find instantly every interaction you've ever had with anybody. If it happened, it'll only take a few seconds to pull it up.
Enjoy your privacy
Let your coworkers access all the relevant information while keeping your private communication... private.

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