Rooftop - Automation Feature

Automate the tedious tasks
Focus on the conversations

You make the rules, we enforce them.

Automate your work while keeping total control on your inbox.

Possibilities are endless. Do you want an email to be assigned to someone if it contains a certain keyword? No problem.

Do you want to assign an email to someone if it comes from a certain customer? No problem.

Do you want to program a cascade of failovers in case a lot of coworkers are on holidays? You can do that too.

Rooftop - Automated Assignments
Rooftop - Email Thread Continuity

No more broken email chains

With a lot of people involved, subject lines can get changed and conversations end up being broken up.

Not to worry, Rooftop is programmed to detect these changes and get everything back on track.

There is no time for unnecessary manual tasks

Automate workflows in seconds
Automation should not only be for experts. Harness technology and make it work to your advantage. We'll help you.
Don't waste time looking for information
Common mailboxes are bad at finding information. But, to be fair, that's not why they were built. Rooftop is.
Enjoy your privacy
Let your coworkers access all the relevant information while keeping your private communication... private.

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