Shared inbox software for your team emails

Because Outlook and Gmail were not made to be used as a shared inbox.

Customer support, task management, and internal communication. All at once.

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Rooftop has helped us bring our open tasks and emails down by 50%. My team loves the ease of use. They keep asking 'How did we work before?'
- Preston Pelfrey, After Sales Service Manager at PharmaTechnology
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What you can do with Rooftop

Rooftop is your one-stop shop for internal and external communication.
No more switching, no more time waste.

Customer care

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Happy customers are your best asset.
With Rooftop, you can deliver an efficient yet personalized and human experience to your customers.
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Project Management

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Eliminate the hassle of having to jump from one tool to the other.
Handle your tasks and internal as well as external communication in Rooftop.
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Selling should be about conversations, not logistics. Rooftop lets you keep track of your pipeline, automate the tedious tasks, and focus on what matters.
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Keep email as simple as it should be

Email was conceived to send a single message to a single person over the internet. It wasn't made to keep communication organized, and especially not for teams. Discover real team email management.

Shared Inbox
Intelligent Search
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Next-level communication

Collaborating on an email

Give your customers exactly the help they need

Give your team the right tools not only to respond, but also collaborate seamlessly on a response.

Easy Dispatch
KPI Tracking
Information Transparency
Canned Responses
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Make your clients feel unique

Keep track of everything that happens with your clients, schedule actions to be taken at the appropriate time, and break the barriers of information by giving your team access to the data they need!

Centralized Info
Document Sharing
Reminder Scheduling
Automatic Routing
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contact information panel
email status and task visualization

Handle team projects and collaborate with ease

Rooftop allows you to get a 360° view of all tasks and customer communication to have an overview on all project statuses. Use our collaboration features to assign tasks, schedule follow-ups, and interact with everyone involved.

Automatic alerts
Task assignment
Task Status
360° Communication
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Why Rooftop?

360° Collaborative Communication

Centralize communication

Powerful shared inbox
Emails and phone logs all in one place
Previous interactions log
Birds eye view
Full information transparency

Improve performance

Track response KPIs
Easy dispatch
Streamlined collaboration
Follow-up scheduling
Intelligent search
Custom fields for smart sorting

Manage your Projects

Create and assign tasks
Build no-code workflows
Involve external partners
Custom task statuses
Automatic routing of (sub-)task
Document & knowledge sharing

Word Class Support

We can speak to you in your language.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a shared inbox?

It's a mailbox usually tied to a function or a department (ex:,,...) that several people have access to and are in charge of. Shared inboxes can be difficult to manage as there's usually no clear way to assign messages, collaborate on them, and keep track of the status of the request.

Why is team email management such a pain?

Even without using shared inboxes, email management is usually a pain. The difficulty with email management is that email was initially built for simple 1-on-1 communication. It wasn't built to handle complex business relationships. This is why regular email clients don't make it easy to store and retrieve files and messages, involve multiple people, and keep a clean mailbox.

How is Rooftop different from an Outlook or Gmail shared inbox?

Some email providers offer the possibility to set up a shared inbox. What they don't offer is the possibility to create subcategories to sort your messages, to notify coworkers without clogging their inbox, or to create custom status labels. They also don't offer the possibility to add internal comments or easily merge and split conversations. Sometimes they don't even support conversations at all!

Will Rooftop work with my current email address?

Absolutely, we route emails through Gmail's servers but any provider can be integrated. We do recommend using a professional email address, though.

Can I still keep my personal emails private?

Of course! You can change the public/private status of any email in your mailbox at any time. That way, you can choose which tasks and conversations you want to share with your team and what you'd rather keep private.

Email and task management in the same tool? Isn't that a bit much?

In Rooftop, conversations and tasks are one and the same. The huge advantage is that every email linked to a task can be stored in one single place. And once a task has been fully dealt with, it can be closed, and all the emails attached to it will be safely archived so they don't clog your mailbox. In our view, a team inbox on steroids could only look like a task management tool. Try it, it's great!

My company handles sensitive data, how safe will it be?

Very safe! Rooftop is part of EASI, an IT security and cloud computing company. This means that your data will be stored on our own servers, with multiple backups, and the highest level of security.

Our customers say it best!

Rooftop is a real game changer for us in terms of team email management.
We've been able to set up efficient inside and outside communication channels for our whole team that save us many hours every week.

Maryline Rossez
CEO /Founder at Welc'home

Maryline Rossez - Founder at Welc'home

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