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Email wasn't built to be collaborative.
We took care of that. Give it a shot!

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Never lose an email again

Easily manage your shared inboxes and never leave an email behind. Access any inbound or outbound message and sort them according to your filters.

Let us manage your incoming mail so you can focus on the tasks that really matter.

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Respond, comment, assign.
No more CCs or BCCs

The hassle of CCing or BCCing people into a thread of emails is over. Notify or assign a coworker simply by clicking on their name when sending your message.

Want to keep several people in the loop for a specific client or project? Easy, just set them as a default recipient for that specific client or project.

Email was created in 1971. Since then, your needs have changed.
So should your inbox

Say goodbye to your old mailbox
Email was never built for collaboration.
Leave your old mailbox behind and step into a whole new world of productivity.
Say hello to Snooze
Keep your inbox clean by snoozing any conversation that doesn't require immediate action. A clear inbox leads to a clear mind!
Enjoy your birds eye view
Keep a constant eye on who's working on what, manage projects and tasks, and take advantage of Rooftop's reporting capabilities.
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Automate your work and stop wasting time on low-value tasks

Build workflows, assign tasks/emails and messages to the right people by creating rules.

You don't need any coding skills, we take care of that for you. Get every conversation where it needs to be based on your criteria; keyword, contact person, project name, client...

There is no time for tedious manual tasks.

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Rooftop - Mailbox Analytics

Your inbox is full of precious data and areas of improvement

Benefit from Rooftop's reporting and KPI tools in order to assess the performance of your team as well as workload assignment. Get detailed stats on your email volume, email frequency, response time, individual performance and much, much more.

Understand your business better and find new ways to adjust and improve your processes.

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