Email Management for Real Estate Companies

Rooftop is the first email management tool built specifically for real estate companies.

Manage your properties and seamlessly handle requests from stakeholders.

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"Rooftop allows us to handle requests from landlords and tenants in a clear and professional way. Sorting through correspondence and documents is easier than ever and saves us hours every week."
- Maryline Rossez, Director at Marymmo
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The advantages of Rooftop

Rooftop makes life easier for everyone involved in the condominium.

Your team

With Rooftop, your team can efficiently handle requests (emails and calls) from landlords and tenants, and coordinate interventions by third-party providers.

All information is gathered on the same platform and can be retrieved in seconds.

Your co-owners

Thanks to Rooftop, your interactions with your co-owners are more fluid

Nothing changes on the co-owner's side except their satisfaction while interacting with your team and calling on your services.

Discover Rooftop

Extra visibility

Get a bird-eye view of all your work

What if you could easily get an overview of your conversations? What if you could sort them by building, by city, or any other criteria? This is what Rooftop offers.

Your mailboxes are connected to the application and conversations are sorted in a way that makes sense to you.

Key features
List of Buildings
Integration with your emails
Categories your conversations
shared inbox display

Manage your emails and tasks with ease

Rooftop increases your team's productivity by turning emails into tasks, making it easy to assign them, and eliminating internal emails.

You can also postpone tasks so you can focus on what's urgent.

Your "tasks" our still e-mails, but better. A flow of conversations that just make sense. 

Key features
Email and task management
Auto assign or dispatch manually
Notification management
Snooze function

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Speed up tasks that are slowing down your team

You won't get energy from constantly performing repetitive and time-consuming tasks that require a lot of back and forth emailing. Use reply templates to work more efficiently and share them with your team.

In addition, we have a handy document management module with search function, so you can always find all your documents that you have already sent.

Key features
Email templates
Advanced search module
Project statuses
auto-routing of emails
Stats and reporting

Use statistics as a driver of profitability

Do you know how much time your team spends on a given building? Do you know which co-owner contacts you most often?

The answers to these questions can help you make decisions that will have a financial impact on your syndic.

Data always surprises you.
Key features
Response time
Number of tasks by building
Number of tasks completed
Fully customizable dashboard

Why Rooftop?

The first email platform for property managers

Centralize communication

All your emails in once place
Shared inbox
Easy collaboration
Internal and external communication

Manage tasks

Create tasks and assign the right person
Split and merge todos
Schedule actions
Keep contact data handy

Save time

Find documents and emails easily
Automatic routing of emails
1-click templates
Optimize through data

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Will Rooftop work with my current email address?

Absolutely, we route emails through Gmail's servers but any provider can be integrated. We do recommend using a professional email address, though.

What about my emails currently stored in Outlook or Gmail?

You can easily transfer your current files to Rooftop via an email address that we will provide you. The continuity of your work will not be affected. For your old emails, your old email account will be used as an archive.

Can I import my list of contacts and buildings? 

We can synchronize with your current database or simply import an Excel file with all the necessary information. From then on, you can easily create a new building within Rooftop. New contacts are created automatically and Rooftop even offers you the possibility to assign a new contact to a specific property! What more can you ask for?

Rooftop is a shared inbox, but can I also have private emails?

Of course. You can decide that your mailbox is completely private or that all e-mails from a certain contact are made private.

How do emails become part of a conversation?

As soon as a new email is received in Rooftop, it is integrated in a new task, which is assigned automatically -if you checked to auto-dispatch setting- according to the sender, the building and possibly other categories to you or one of your team members. You reply to this email from the conversation and as soon as the person replies to you, his email will be automatically integrated in the same conversation. Taduum, a conversations flow is created.

If a co-owner writes you a new e-mail - that is not part of the conversation, but actually should be - then Rooftop will detect the missing "Re:" and provide you with a quick action button to automatically search for the co-owner and the building concerned to directly find the related task and link it.

If a co-owner replies to an e-mail you sent him 6 months ago, this e-mail will be integrated in the conversation of 6 months ago. A quick action button allows you to create in one click a new task taking only this last e-mail. As you can see, Rooftop offers a lot of possibilities to manage e-mail flows as you want. 

How is the automatic classification done?

In Rooftop, each co-owner can be assigned to a building. The emails they send will then be filed directly in the category created for this building. A building can also be assigned to a member of your team. This means that emails from a certain owner can go directly to the mailbox of a member of your team.

What if a co-owner has several properties?

If a co-owner is a multi-owner, you will be able to select the correct building in one click. You can also use other categories, like: type of request, billing level, administrative, technical...

Our customers say it best!

"Thanks to Rooftop, my emails are automatically sorted by building and I can manage them very easily like a task manager. All the information I need is accessible in seconds and easy to share with my team. Today, I don't even know how I used to work before."

Simon Dagorno
General Manager at BGCI

Maryline Rossez - Founder at Welc'home

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