Email Management for
Real Estate Companies

Rooftop is the first email management tool built specifically for real estate companies.

Manage your properties and seamlessly handle requests from stakeholders.

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"Rooftop allows us to handle requests from landlords and tenants in a clear and professional way. Sorting through correspondence and documents is easier than ever and saves us hours every week."
- Maryline Rossez, Director at Marymmo
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Discover Rooftop

Efficient email management

A classic inbox is usually enough for personal emails. But it was never made for collaboration or handling large volumes of email.
We're here to solve that.

Organize your emails according to criteria you define. That way you always know where to find the right information. No more confusion! 

It's still email, but better.

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Seamless teamwork

Traditional email wasn’t made for collaboration. This is why Rooftop gives you all the tools to easily collaborate and coordinate everyone around tasks. 

There is no need to use cc or bcc with coworkers, you can notify them within the application. Problems get solved faster with good collaboration. 

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Significant time savings

Managing property can quickly take up a lot of time. We make this easier for you. From standard templates to automated message routing to powerful search capabilities, we help you scale your work.

Life is too short to spend on boring, repetitive tasks. 
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Optimization through data

Measure how much time you spend on which types of tasks and how much time each property takes up. 

You can then use that information to analyze your team's efficiency and adjust your rates for your most time-consuming clients.

Data always surprises you.

Why Rooftop?

The first email platform for property managers

Centralize communication

All your emails in once place
Shared inbox
Easy collaboration
Internal and external communication

Manage tasks

Create tasks and assign the right person
Split and merge todos
Schedule actions
Keep contact data handy

Save time

Find documents and emails easily
Automatic routing of emails
1-click templates
Optimize through data

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